Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kids say the cutest things. . .

Primary Teacher "What can we give people if we don't have any money or toys. . " 

She got silence . . . and then our darling Spencer pipes up " Well we can still give Love"

Primary Teacher "Yes. . Yes spencer we can"

Thats my boy, Tears, Tears, Tears, 

This Morning Spencer climbed down the bunk bed and told Nana "Merry Christmas Nana 
Sometimes my breath gets clear down to my toes so my voice gets a little scratchy"

He is so cute. . 

Marianne- "I want to see a bird and hold it in my hands all day-- do you want one in your hands mom?"

This one is from moths summer I don't remember if I wrote it down. We were driving in the back roads of California and drove by a ranch. . .
Naomi: - (in a sincere voice)- "Ah  it smells like Home."
Spencer: "Agggghhhh mom, it smells like horse poop!" 

Christmas Eve

For Christmas We had a big Turkey dinner with Nana, the Ekbergs, Gertners, and Monsons 

 We acted out the nativity
 We had to have two Marys
 The Geartners were the Shepherds
 Juliette was a perfect spectator
 In the Manger

 New Jammies, Batman and Tinkerbell
 Dear Santa. . .

 Santa came to Singapore. . .

Here is our Gingerbread house that the dad's and the kids put together while the Moms did dishes . . .


Here is Olivia and Marianne 
 We call them Frenemies- About half the time they are best friends and the other half they are  . . . well. . .not

 Here is Devin walking Juliette through Tummy Time, She lasted a really long time while talking to her Daddy

 The kids went to Mcdonalds with Nana
 I finally got a few of her smiles on camera, she has started to smile a lot more ever since Nana got here


Christmas Bus

Nana is here!!!
Devin's mom came to Singapore for Christmas! Grandpa had to stay and work and spent Christmas with Jerrin and Jessica
 Juliette has been smiling like Crazy since Nana got here!
 Saturday night, we had a fun trip on the Christmas Bus again this year!
 Going down Orchard to see the lights
 The Theme this year was Christmas in the Tropics - they had three sections, Joy- Christmas Trees, Love- Hearts, Peace- Dove
 Nana and Spencer seeing the Lights

 We stopped at the Helix bridge by the Marina Bay Sands
The whole family with Nana

Friday, December 21, 2012


A little Singaporean Girl came up to me at the playground and asked "Why doesn't Marianne have any eyebrows"- I laughed out loud, and told she does but they just match her hair. 

Juliette 2 Months Old

Faces of Juliette
2 months Old Stats
9 lbs 2 oz, 5%-10%;  20.5 inches long 3% 
Still our little angle, she slept 6 hours the last few nights. Is starting to wake up a bit more though
She is giving us the cutest smiles, although I do have to work much harder for them then I did with Spencer. :)
Hard to get them on Camera

Just to compare Marianne weighed 14 lbs at 2 months 
We have an angel, a Multiple Personality Princess and a Hyper-active Superhero that lives at our house currently

Christmas time Activities

We went to the Jewel Box on top of Mount Faber for Devin's Office Party, it was pretty high class. Juliette came with us and slept in the corner the entire night, what a angel. 

 Devin is up Singing Jingle Bells for Party
 Dear Santa .. ..

 Here is Juliette 8 weeks old in her cute outfit!
 Joyschool Christmas party

Below is the Tanglin Snow- A million bubbles get thrown out of machines, they start off chest deep on the kids and then disappear as the kids run on them.

 You have to where your swim suits cause you get really wet!

Below is our Ward Christmas Party- On the Beach- It Poured Rain for an 1 1/2 hours, although the kids didn't seem to mind!

 Guess who came to the Beacch riding a Skate Board? Thats right Santa!
 Marianne and Spencer where thrilled! Especially for the candy canes
 At our Favorite White Elephant Party! We brought home a Christmas Ornament and a full on Computer Monitor that Devin is totaly using so that he can work from home easier

Here is our princess pretending to be Snow White today. Scrubbing the Dwarfs house.