Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kids say the cutest things. . .

Primary Teacher "What can we give people if we don't have any money or toys. . " 

She got silence . . . and then our darling Spencer pipes up " Well we can still give Love"

Primary Teacher "Yes. . Yes spencer we can"

Thats my boy, Tears, Tears, Tears, 

This Morning Spencer climbed down the bunk bed and told Nana "Merry Christmas Nana 
Sometimes my breath gets clear down to my toes so my voice gets a little scratchy"

He is so cute. . 

Marianne- "I want to see a bird and hold it in my hands all day-- do you want one in your hands mom?"

This one is from moths summer I don't remember if I wrote it down. We were driving in the back roads of California and drove by a ranch. . .
Naomi: - (in a sincere voice)- "Ah  it smells like Home."
Spencer: "Agggghhhh mom, it smells like horse poop!" 

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  1. I always love the cute saying you guys post! Its so fun to read and see all that you guys are up to, life in the tropics, what a fun christmas time!!!